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Summer 2017 on the Farm



This summers big project is the greenhouse at Edible Forest Farm.  Well underway by mid August we just have windows and doors to frame in and the building will be weather proof by late September. This building will be used to help us become more sustainable by our being able to start all our early vegetables by early April ready for May planting. We will also be able to produce micro-greens for salads as well as having a place to propagate things like our lavender and various tree cuttings.

This summer we shared an alley between the rows for KASSI to grow heritage and heirloom and save seeds from. they have many various plants growing including; tomatoes, squash, leeks, peas,beans and lettuce. They also have some sunflowers and dill growing.

Our beds for the farm saw 30 plus cabbage, pickling cucumbers, squash, peppers, kale, tomatoes and a bumper crop of potatoes. We also grew several hundred head of garlic for sale and our own usage. This year we included hogs into our system and still have a few for sale, we raised them once again on only organic feed, pears and non-sprayed apples to finish them off. Our flock of chickens took a bit of a downward slide this season losing 3 to a meandering hawk and 2 more due to unknown circumstances so our egg count has really slowed down. Next season it will be time for a new flock.

There is still things to do here this season with new trees to plant in the fall, (we are increasing our Asian Pear trees to 10 this Fall) They seem to like the soil here so why argue with nature.

Until later