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Sept 14 2014 Start of the Fall Cleanup

We spent the weekend working around the property. Cleaning up beds and transplanting. After planting the Goji’s down the one HugelKulture bed we decided to add some edible plants around the bottom of the beds and in-between the Goji bushes. So we decided on putting in some Husta’s on one side and Lillie’s down the other. Once they fill in under the Goji’s the issue with unwanted growth will be reduced greatly.

On Monday we had some time to start transplanting our grape vines. At the top of the Hugel field was where we decided they would go. We built a raised bed out of a mixture of sandy loam and pond dirt and transplanted about half the grape vines. This coming weekend we will plant the rest.

Tonight, Wed. Sept 17 2014 we removed all the tomato plants from the Hugel field and in these beds we will plant more raspberry canes which have done extremely well in these types of raised beds.

Have a great week