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Fall 2016 AT Edible Forest Farms


Well, after an incredibly dry summer, things are looking greener here at Edible Forest Farm. The grass looks healthy, the leaves on the trees are no longer limp. Unfortunately some trees did not make it, it was totally random, 25 year old trees died and 2 year old trees lived I suppose this is nature taking its course as it has for many millennia.

Our fruit trees lost some of their fruit, but some recovered nicely, we have apples and pears and still had some raspberries and hascap earlier on in the season. The raspberries are now making a bit of a comeback and the late producers have a few berries on them.

The nursery stock did not do as well this season as we hoped so our hazel nut trees are very low in numbers although we had a better return on our chestnut trees. We will have a few to sell in the spring, Our Black Locust and Honey locust did very well this year and we have a few apple root stock to graft to with some cuttings from a neighbor. We can see how that goes next season.

Our Potatoes did well although we had to water them to get them to produce any quantity of tubers, our peppers especially the hot varieties did very well and produced large numbers of fruit. Michelle braided many of them to hang and dry. Michelle has also made some great pepper jelly.

The Seed saving gardens did well with a number of tomato and pepper seeds sorted and saved ready to give to the KASSI organization. We are also wintering over a few Kale and Leeks to see how they do next year.

We still have some garlic left for Farmgate sales as well as some eggs. This years Maple syrup has sold out completely.

Have a great winter

Bob Chambers Owner Edible Forest Farms