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Edible Forest Farms Sept 7 2014

This past weekend on the farm we started planting Goji berry bushes in one of the older more mature Hugelkulter beds. The season for our annual crops is starting to come to an end and these beds are now 3 years old and need to have some perennial plants put into them. The bushes were put in at 5 ft on centre and offset down each side of the bed and then mulched in with straw.

We also had time to work a little on the nursery which is coming along nicely and has new plantings in it such as Siberian Pine nuts, High Bush Cranberry’s, Black Locust, some apple root stock and some new plantings of American Mountain Ash.

Keep in mind that we have a few 3 year old High Bush Cranberries, Black Walnuts and some Honey Locust for sale. Please feel free to contact us if you need some for fall planting.

Have a great week