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Farm Tour 2017

early stage agroforestry

We will be hosting a tour of the property where we will show the 2 year old 4 acres agro-forestry system, look at the nursery, the mushroom logs, chickens, forest pigs, and natural buildings.

The tour is guided, so be there on time if you do not want to miss explanations.

When: July 15th 2017 at 10 am
Where: 3410 Greenfield Rd, Inverary Ontario
Cost: $10

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Clay Oven Workshop

At Edible Forest Farms, we talk about producing food from agroforestry systems, but once the food is produced we need a way to cook it. Clay ovens are a traditional way to cook pizza, bread and all sorts of other dish that would usually go in an electric or gas oven.

This is a two days workshop that will teach the basics of building a clay oven.

When: July 8th and 9th 2017
Time: 9 am to 4 pm
Instructors: Bob Chambers and Michelle Thomas
Location: Kingston (details available upon signup)

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Mushroom Log Inoculation Workshop

mushroom inoculation workshop

Mushroom log inoculation is a great way to get edible mushrooms out of your agroforestry system and it fits well within forest improvement practices.

While many mushroom species can be inoculated on logs, in this workshop, you will learn the process we use to inoculate logs with shiitake mushroom. We will cover wood selection, log preparation, spawn handling, inoculation, sealing, log storage and management. We will also talk about other mushrooms that can become part of your system. Continue reading Mushroom Log Inoculation Workshop

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Fermentation Workshop

The class is cancelled

It is good to be able to grow ones food, but in our Northern climate, it is almost as important to be able to preserve the summer’s bounty to go through the lean months of winter.

A low energy and low-tech technique for preserving vegetables (meat, grains, and dairy also) is to ferment them. Not only does fermentation extends the shelf life of food, it also enhances its nutritional value and taste.

During this 2.5 hrs workshop, master herbalist Rain Lill will teach the participant the basics of lacto-fermentation of vegetables. Participants will get a chance to practice the skills and make their own jar of sauerkraut from local vegetables. Continue reading Fermentation Workshop